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How Vacuum Cleaners Work

A vacuum cleaner is a blessing for every person who wants to keep his/her home clean, and that too effortlessly. A vacuum cleaner can be a great household gadget that can help you in cleaning the floor, ceilings, furniture and a host of household objects.

If you have a gadget like a vacuum cleaner, you can save a lot of money you might have spent on professional cleaning services. There are several vacuum cleaners available in the market and you can buy one of them as per your needs.

How does a vacuum cleaner function?

A vacuum cleaner works on a simple mechanism that spins a fan inside to suck in the fumes inside. The speedy spinning of the fan creates a zone of low pressure inside the hose and that makes the vacuum cleaner function properly.

Normally, the vacuum cleaners use powerful suction motors that are quite light in weight and function at high speed.

What are the various types of vacuum cleaners available in the market?

You can always buy vacuum cleaners as per your requirements and budget, as there are several home appliance manufacturers that manufacture and design vacuum cleaners with different functions and purposes.

For example, if you wish to clean furniture, you can buy an upright vacuum cleaner, while a handheld vacuum cleaner is good for your car’s cleaning.

There are primarily five types of vacuum cleaners available. These five types of vacuum cleaners are available in the market they are-

  • Upright vacuum cleaners One of the most popular vacuum cleaners is the upright ones. The name upright is derived from its upright position, and the ones you have seen everywhere in advertisements is this one. It is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners that can clean your house entirely even if it is your floor or a carpeted surface. You can use it to clean the corners of the sofa, your cushions and so on.
  • Canister vacuum cleaners Canister vacuum cleaners have got the best of upright and stick type vacuum cleaners. They function as an upright vacuum cleaner but has a slim body that can work well for the corners. The only flip side of this type of vacuum cleaners is that they are quite expensive than the normal ones.
  • Handheld vacuum cleaners If your house has many hard-to-reach corners that need cleaning, a handheld vacuum cleaner would probably be the best choice. Handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight and compact, but not as powerful as the upright ones. So if you wish to clean your car and the ceiling specks of dust, handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners The autonomous or robot vacuum cleaners are now quite popular that use artificial AI to sense the dirt and remove it. It roams around and picks up even the smallest amount of dirt. The advantage of this robot vacuum cleaner is that it would reach to various places like under your sofa and bed. This is quite expensive as a vacuum cleaner, but as it requires minimal human interference, it is worth the hype and price.
  • Stick type vacuum cleaners This type of vacuum cleaners is not much power, but has a slender design and can be used for light jobs. Since it consumes less space, it is ideal for small households that have limited space at home.

What are the uses of a vacuum cleaner?

Here are several uses of a vacuum cleaner, and here, we have listed a few well-known and a few unknown uses of vacuum cleaners-

  • Cleaning the hard floor and other flat surfaces A vacuum cleaner is used to clean the floors and regular surfaces, and many vacuum cleaners are designed to clean hard floors professionally.
  • Cleaning the carpets and rugs without using water A powerful vacuum cleaner can clean a carpeted floor and take care of carpets and rugs. It is often difficult to clean carpets and rugs using brushes and detergent, but if you have a good vacuum cleaner, it is quite easy to do the job.
  • Cleaning the hard-to-reach corners of your house No wonder, you need some professional help to clean the hard-to-reach corners of your house. If you have a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily do the job without taking any professional help and save a lot of money yearly.
  • Cleaning your car and other vehicles Your vehicles to need your attention and care, and just wiping off specks of dust and superficially cleaning would not be sufficient. So, a vacuum cleaner is a must for anyone who owns a vehicle.
  • Using the vacuum cleaner to freshen up your room This is perhaps one of the most unusual uses of room freshener. Dip a cotton ball into your favorite essence or fragrance oil and put it into the cleaning bag of your vacuum cleaner. Once you start vacuum cleaning, you'll observe a fresh smell is coming out from the appliance.
  • Keep the allergens at bay With the onset of summers, pollens and dust start to find a place in your window sills. The vacuum cleaner has a brush attachment that helps in clearing the window corners and keeps you away from the allergens. However, this cleaning should be done weekly or bi-weekly so that to keep the allergens away.
  • Using the vacuum cleaner to remove fleas If you are vacuum cleaning your carpets and rugs, you are cleaning away more than 90% of fleas. The best part is that you do not need any harsh chemicals to kill fleas.
  • Using vacuum cleaners to clean your stove corners and bread toasters It may sound funny, but since the vacuum cleaners have a good suction power, they can be used to clean the bread crumbs from your bread toaster or the hard to reach corners of the stove.
  • Straighten up your carpets It is one of the most unusual vacuum cleaner hacks. Use a few cubes of ice to the dented area of the carpet and let it soak the entire water. Vacuum afterward. The dent is gone!
  • Making the cushions smell fresh Sprinkle a little bit of talc and baking soda over your cushions and keep it for half an hour. Vacuum it and you'll find the odor and slinkiness is no more!
  • Grooming your pets A weird hack though, if you are running the vacuum cleaner in low power, you can give your pet a cozy massage they'll love.Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the loose hair of your pet and clean them without using water.
  • Using the vacuum cleaner to inflate the water tubes and air mattresses One of the uses of vacuum cleaner is to inflate the water tubes and air mattresses. You can also inflate much other stuff like big balloons and air-filled bathtubs.
  • Clean the lint filter of your washing appliance Remove the lint filter from your washing machine and vacuum clea n it using the brush attachment in your vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleaning the non-reachable corners of the refrigerator The lint and dust builds-upon the coils of a refrigerator and since it is on the backside, most of the people tend not to notice it well. A vacuum cleaner can help you in cleaning the refrigerator easily.

A few points to ponder while you buy a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest devices to use. Make sure to research well and buy the appliance that is loaded with several functions. After buying, you can assemble it by checking the manual or can do it professionally.

Make sure to check each and every functions before you purchase it. You can ask the store executive to provide a demo before buying.

Assemble it well by consulting the assembling instructions provided in the user’s manual. Check the space of the vacuum bag and the height of the vacuum. You can adjust the height as per your convenience too. Remove the other attachments and start the appliance.

Check whether it does its job well or not. Place other tools and attachments with the appliance and check the usage as well. Once used, unscrew all the attachments and keep everything in a pouch so that nothing gets lost or gets dirty.

Vacuum cleaner: is it worth buying?

After all the uses that are listed above, if you are still confused about whether to buy a vacuum cleaner or not, let me tell you that a vacuum cleaner is worth every penny spent. You might invest a lot in cleaning and maintaining furniture and your interior décor, but do you find them to be completely clean and tidy?

The answer is probably “NO” because just wiping off the dust and moping around the floor cannot do justice to all your furniture and other expensive décor items. A professional cleaning using a modern machine is always required. So if you buy a vacuum cleaner and start using it, you can save a lot of money.

A vacuum cleaner can be your and your car’s best friend and your best household cleaning partner, as no other cleaning equipment would give you the cleaning satisfaction you require.