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What are the Different Types of Microwave Oven?

In this age of speed and agility microwave has redefined the concept of cooking isn’t it? It has assumed a place of special importance in the kitchen. It is no more restricted to the traditional heating purpose rather offers much more. If you are looking for a microwave select the one that best fits the kitchen. 

The price list does not only overflow with different products but abounds in different kinds of microwave oven where every type has its unique function.  The presence of a different type of microwave oven provides a great deal of flexibility as the selection can be done as per the requirement.

From reheating food to normal cooking, a microwave can perform the essential functions but yes as said before the functions and utility will depend on the usage. Be it office pantries, convenience stores or homes the presence of microwave oven provides immense benefits and helps in heating food, leftovers and other meals.

Added to it, they rank high in terms of efficiency and convenient to use.

If you just want to reheat the food then a simple microwave will serve the purpose instead of a heavy one. In the past, microwave ovens were used primarily to cool simple meals and to reheat the leftover meals.

However, with the passage of time and improvement in the technological front, the newer microwave ovens perform a complex function with ease. It can grill, roast and bake coupled with the normal functions. Moreover, it does not require the need to use various types of utensils and hence, is a major benefit.

There are different kinds of microwave ovens each having its own specialty. The microwave oven should be selected as per the requirement. Hence, it is essential to understand the features of various kinds of the microwave oven. Let’s explore a different kind of microwave oven available in the market.

Different types of Microwave Oven

Solo Microwave Oven

Solo microwave ovens can be defined as the entry-level model or the basic models in the microwave oven category. Only a single magnetron is present that leads to the production of the microwave. It is best suited for a small family or bachelors. Solo microwave is best fitted for defrosting frozen food.

Most importantly, it can be best used for cooking simple meals or reheating cooked meals. It is cheaper in contrast to the other microwave model such as a grill and convection and hence is available in the majority of the houses.

It provides decent and uniform heating and is convenient to use. In this microwave, you can utilize microwave-safe glass to perform the cooking or heating.

Grill Microwave Oven

Grill Microwave ovens are best suited for grilling purposes. It is best to grill meat or vegetables. Both microwaves, as well as grill function, can run together and preparing delicious meals in no time. The microwave consists of heating coils that help in grill, roast, and toast.

It is better in comparison to standard microwave oven however less versatile with respect to the convection ones. The only lacking feature is that the oven does not comprise of a fan to share the heat in an even manner. With the presence of an additional function, the grill microwave is costlier than the standard ones.

Convection Microwave Oven

It is a complete appliance that works as a standard microwave, grill microwave, and convection that is used for baking and cooking. It is for the same reason that the buyers tend to buy a convection microwave so that the expenses of purchasing the separate appliances does not take place.

It provides functions of heating with the generation of heat waves and fans to spread heat waves effectively. The uniform spread of heat waves ensures that the food gets baked in an effective manner. It is best suited for baking, pizzas, muffins, etc.

Being a high-end device, it can perform the function of grilling and baking together or independently. Added to the advantage it contains a defrost option too.

In altogether, convection microwave performs the dual function of a standard microwave and a convection oven thereby it is highly recommended to use it instead of having a separate item of both. For the best results, the model should be selected that contains a heating element at the top and convection fan in the rear.

Over the range microwave oven

An over the range Microwave Oven or OTR microwave merges a microwave oven with a range hood. It can be simply defined as a 2-in-1 unit that is best for installing over a cooktop or a range and consists of all the needful hardware for easy installation.

Technically, it is the standard or convection microwave coupled with the additional feature of the countertop.

Another unique feature that can be noted in them is the presence of vest fans and worktop lights. The presence of vent fans helps in the adjustment of the smoke outside the kitchen and for the purpose of recirculation.

The cooktop lights present in the undersurface of the microwave helps in the illumination of the work surface. These microwaves come in a size ranging from 27″ or 30″ widths.

The users opt for over the range microwave so that the additional space can be cleared and others opt it for avoiding the installation of a dedicated range hood. This option is feasible for the ones that are equipped with a small kitchen.

Built-in Microwave Oven

A built-in microwave is fitted into the cabinet or above the range of kitchen or oven that will help in saving the space thereby creating a sleek, as well as integrated look. If your kitchen abounds in ample space and needs portability then a countertop microwave is ultimately the best choice.

Being installed with the cabinet, the kitchen gets a sophisticated look. Being installed on the wall, this arrangement helps in clearing up a lot of space and glorifies the kitchen. Such microwave is often seen merged with a traditional oven and termed as a combo of wall oven microwave.

As it adds convenience to the kitchen, it is available at higher prices in comparison to the regular countertop models. Moreover, the installation of a built-in microwave requires professional assistance that adds to the investment sum.

Before purchasing a microwave oven it is important to note the purpose for which the oven is needed? If the requirement is just to reheat then lower wattage microwave is apt for the kitchen, however, if the requirement runs large such as bake/cook/grill then microwave with higher wattage is essentially needed.

Countertop Convection Oven

Convection oven does not perform on the microwave principle that is it does operate on the EM wave. It is influenced by the countertop configuration microwave, it came into being for enhanced grilling, baking, and roasting functions.

As stated such a microwave does not consist of the magnetron in the body instead comprises of a heating element either at the top or bottom of the oven.

The heating part together with the convection fan produces and distributes heat throughout the cavity hence, making it best fitted for baking, roasting, crisp, etc that cannot be seen in the case of single microwaves.

The countertop convection oven is best for a kitchen that has a layout that is constricted and therefore does not fit in a regular built-in-oven. However, it needs to be noted that the convection oven does not equal the cooking capacity of wall ovens. This oven is best fitted for the ones that contain a lot of counter space.

Microwave Drawers

A new addition to the market of microwaves is the microwave drawers. It is a proper fit microwave, where the convection kitchen drawers are present hence can be a great way to save the counter space without generating the requirement to reframe the entire kitchen.

The selection of microwave oven depends on the kitchen and the requirements. Hence, you must be clear regarding the requirements and then select from countertop, built-in and over the range microwaves.

Please note that the size of the unit is not an essential consideration and in no way makes way to usable cooking space. In the present scenario, microwaves that average around 1200 watt power are strong enough to prepare meals on the go.

On the contrary, the obsolete models having a power rating of 700 watts or less cannot be termed as efficient. Such microwaves will consume more time and will result in improper cooking. In totality, it can be commented that there cannot be an ideal pick because ultimately it rests upon the suitability to the kitchen.

The major factors that will come into play are the cooking needs, restriction of space and the budget.